As seen in class, phonetics are a great tool to improve your pronunciation
Here is the best and biggest Web to improve your English speech:

Why don´t you start exploring on your own and give me some feedback as comments to this post?
This Web Site explores 9 different varieties : Scottish, Australian...
Some of the practice they offer includes read dictionary, minimal pairs, songs, read aloud stories, controversial words...
Don´t forget to tell me if you like their special "instant Sound" software: I find it amazing!

Here are the webs we will explore throught You will have two monthly posts here related to them asking you to do an exercise you will later upload to Moodle.
I hope this will help you discover all the possibilities!
An Online Pronouncing Dictionary: just enter a word to hear it spoken
Pronunciation guides to ten languages
Learn to read and spell with phonics
Learn English pronunciation with minimal pairs
Practise your spoken English online
Graded online English language dictations
A spoken love story for early learners
The War on Terror through Bush's speeches
Mouse over the lyrics to hear them performed

PORTFOLIO activity

The Portfolio (ELP) was designed by the European Council and it is included in the Common European Framework (CEF)
It is a document in which those who are learning or have learned a language  can record and reflect on their language learning and cultural experiences.


After each unit in your testbook YOU must self-assess your progress with THIS CHECKLIST.
You  are going to write the questions and answers and save them in a file. 
The file name must read as follows: yourSurname_cheklist_unit1
When you finish must go to Moodle and upload the file in Moodle.
Deadline: one week after each unit is finished


Your `Inside Out´ textbook is published by MacMillan-Heinemann.

Did you know that MacMillan provides on-line resources to practice your English?

 Online Resources available:

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